GIS Online Music Festival

GIS Online Music Festival

Congratulations to our amazing performers!

The COVID-19 situation has posed some interesting challenges for musicians around the world. Group rehearsals, live concerts and performances have all become nearly impossible during this time. I say 'nearly', because many musicians have found unique ways of sharing their music with their communities. Live stream concerts, collaborative virtual choirs/orchestras, online lessons and 'at-home' and 'balcony' performances are just some of the wonderful ideas that have come about during this time. It is a limiting, yet exciting time for musicians that dare to try something different.

The GIS music department were inspired by an initiative we saw in the UK and decided to host our own Online Music Festival.

We had 40 performances submitted to the music department by the April 19th deadline!

Each performance was viewed by our music teachers or instrumental music programme staff and a special feedback form was provided. Each performer also received a certificate signed by Mr. Stitch!

Congratulations to all of our performers! We are so proud of you.

The performances vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Some are solo and others are family ensembles. They are all wonderful! Enjoy.

We encourage you to view some of the performances by clicking below: